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8 May 2017

Online Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

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Imagine a time where beginner saxophone students you could take their saxophone lessons at any time of day or night and watch them as many times as they want…well, we are already there!  Ed’s comprehensive beginner saxophone course allows you to take your lessons at your own pace – complete with thorough handouts, practise exercises, demonstrations and video content.

Ed Sax School is a revolution in saxophone lessons, including saxophone lessons for complete beginners! You simply buy the relevant beginner saxophone course and then you will be taught how to play the saxophone by Ed Barker – George Michael’s saxophone soloist!

Many beginner saxophone students think that the only real way to learn is by having a saxophone teacher there in the room with them.  Well with Ed’s beginner saxophone lessons you get the best of both worlds: flexible teaching at any time of day or night, where you can watch the beginner saxophone lesson as many times as you want PLUS Ed will always be logging onto the site to answer any questions you might have and to give you advice!

It really is a revolution in online saxophone tuition and you should check out the free taster lessons by CLICKING HERE today.

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