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Created on Nov 30, 2015
Created on Nov 30, 2015

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The Solos of Nigel Hitchcock

Book of Transcriptions and Analysis by Ed Barker

“If you can hear it, you can have it!”  This is what Dizzy Gillespie said to sax player, Phil Woods in 1956, whilst they spoke about how Charlie Parker’s style influenced Woods’ playing.  The best way to hear it is to start by seeing and understanding it and that’s what Ed Barker did with his favourite sax player in 2011.  Nigel Hitchcock, Ed’s friend and inspiration, is one of the most gifted jazz and pop saxophone players of all time and in this transcription book, Ed has transcribed the solos, had them checked through by Nigel himself and then harmonically analysed every single note and phrase.  Ed still uses it today as his jazz vocabulary bible.

Read the notes from some of the famous pop sax solos including solos for Ray Charles, Cher, Take That and the Pet Shop Boys.  Hear how Nigel plays on all your favourite jazz standards – Cherokee, Wail, Caravan, All The Things You Are and many more!  Comes with a discography so you can hear the original recordings and an alternate fingering guide (with the fingerings suggested by Nigel himself).

Extracts from the book

“Nigel Hitchcock? That boy is badder than bad!”
James Brown

“Nigel Hitchcock is an amazing and gifted one of a kind musician.  Nigel has what all jazz musicians strive for and few achieve – an unfaltering ear for harmony and a flawless technique.”
Dame Cleo Laine

“Next to possibly Michael Brecker, Nigel is the best sax player I’ve ever heard.”
Andy Mackintosh

“Nigel is without doubt one of the very greatest saxophonists in the world.”
Peter King