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Includes theory tests and exercises

It even includes an extract from Ed's album, Simple Truth, for you to test yourself with at the end of the book!

Note from the author...

"This is a great first study for anyone wanting to learn how to read music on ANY instrument. Far too often, students fail on the saxophone because they try to learn the saxophone and learn how to read music at the same time. That's like trying to learn chemistry in German - when you know nothing about either subject! Split the tasks, focus on one thing at a time and give your brain some space to take it all in. This book will have you reading music in no time..."

Created on Nov 30, 2015
Created on Nov 30, 2015
Start Date Jan 1, 2015

Learn How To Read Music Today

In 12 simple, comprehensive, bitesize chapters, Ed Barker teaches you everything there is to know about reading music:

Chapter 1: The Staff      
Chapter 2: The Notes      
Chapter 3: Test Time
Chapter 4: Accidentals      
Chapter 5: Major Scales      
Chapter 6: Key Signatures
Chapter 7: Rhythm      
Chapter 8: Time Signatures & Bars      
Chapter 9: Rests & Ties
Chapter 10: Articulation      
Chapter 11: Dynamics      
Chapter 12: Bringing It All Together

Extracts From The Book