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Created on Nov 30, 2015
Created on Nov 30, 2015

Jazz Backing Tracks by the No.1 UK Session Band

Play along with the rhythm section that Ed Barker plays with whenever he records!  Chris Eldred on electric keys, Laurence Cottle on electric bass and Ian Thomas on drums.

These 16 backing tracks come complete with downloadable and saveable PDF sheet music files and cover a range of harmonic devices, taught in depth on the Ed Sax School Learn The Language Jazz Harmony Course.  Here is a breakdown of what the tracks cover:

1.  Major II-V-I      
2.  Major II-V-I#4      
3.  Vsus      
4.  Vsusb9
5.  Minor II-V-I     
6.  Major II-V-I#5      
7.  V7#11      
8.  V7b9
9.  Diminished Chords      
10.  V7#5      
11.  I#4#9      
12.  Blues
13.  Blues II      
14.  Bebop Blues      
15.  Rhythm Changes
16.  Bebop Rhythm Changes