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Free Course

3 part mini-series on how to play over the II-V-I, use the altered and diminished scales and fast track the sounds…

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Free Course

3 part mini-series on how to set up and blow the sax and your first 3 notes…

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Ed Sax School hits the 1000 mark!

Posted on25 Jul 2017
Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that if you’re taking lessons on my site, you’re part of an international community of 1000 students!  I’m so happy you’re all here, learning jazz harmony and how to play the saxophone.  Nothing is more fun for me than hearing your questions,...
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Welcome to Ed Sax School

Ed Barker Introduces Ed Sax School

Hear Ed talk about the reasons he finds it so important to teach the sax whilst he is touring and recording around the world.

Free Lesson on Harmonics

Quick Lesson on Harmonics

The thing Ed most gets asked about is how he hits the high notes – all the way to a top D.  He shows you the fingerings here…

Over 500

The most comprehensive beginner saxophone lessons on the internet

Covering everything from setting up and buying the right sax right through to advanced exercises, techniques, practice routines and how to read music...

What Students Say

Hear what students from around the world say about their lessons here
Over 500 Students
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If you already play a bit of sax and want to tear your eyes away from the notes on the page and start improvising and playing by ear, check out our jazz harmony lessons!

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